The Grand Bug Hotel

Somewhere for your lovely little insects to call home.

Ladybirds, Bees, Woodlice, them beauties.

They'll help pollinate your plants and eat any nasty aphids for breakfast.

There's lots of nooks and crannies for them to get some R&R. It's full of Firwood, Pine Wood, Bamboo and Pine Cones, with metal mesh to stop predators breaking in.

Plus a lovely hook to hang it from the wall.

‎39 x 30 x 10 cm

The Sunday Times Best Gardening Box 🏅


I’ve had 3 deliveries from Pot Gang so far and I’m totally hooked.

There is something so deeply satisfying about growing plants and seeing them pop up & flourish over the weeks. I also love the characters created for each herb/ veggie friend and the instructions for each one couldn’t be clearer!

Am I obsessed? A little. Is the first thing I show guests when they come over my new plant growing area? Absolutely, and what? 10/10 would recommend to a friend, keep it up #POTGANG


At the ripe old age of 70 and following retirement I decided to take up gardening. My gardening experience before was non existent.

The first year saw minor successes and many failures. I needed expert guidance.

Since joining Pot Gang in January I have thoroughly enjoyed following all the clear instructions. It has been a delight to see the plants grow.

I love all the names, Trevor, Gabriella, Carlos et al. I use them all the time instead of technical terms. Thank you Pot Gang, I am a fan.


I would just like to say a massive 'well done' on your creativity with this product. For a non gardener like myself everything is so straight forward and fun!

We originally used the boxes as an afterschool club but we have decided that it works better if we meet in the school holidays as it means we can eat together (always popular) and then start planting at the same time. 5 families come, we eat, prep the soil and pots and then plant. The families then take their pots home to grow.

It's been really fun!


I absolutely love Pot Gang, ever since signing up after seeing a post by another subscriber on my socials. It has genuinely got me into gardening in a way that decades of living with a passionate gardening dad did not!

The real reason it's such a winning scheme, I think, is the simplicity of the instructions and the pride and achievement you get to feel in seeing the plants grow at close quarters 🤩 It's mindfulness meets sustainability in such a great way.

Can't praise it highly enough - if I had to choose between this and Netflix, Pot Gang all the way.