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July: Carrots, Lettuce, Radishes

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Each box contains all the seeds, pots, compost and guidance beginners need to grow seasonal fruit, veg and herbs. The seeds change each month.

All boxes sent within 24 hours on Royal Mail Tracked 48.

The Sunday Times Best Gardening Box 🏅


🍅 Seasonal Seeds

Three types of fruit, veg or herb seed that taste daaamn fine when they're all grown up. The seeds change each month with what's possible to grow at that time of year.

To give you an idea, in spring it's things like tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers, cucamelons, cape gooseberries, basil, coriander and mint.

In summer it's potatoes, carrots, lettuce, french beans, radishes and salads.

In autumn it's spinach, spring onions, pak choi, peas, rocket, chard and cress.

In winter it's garlic, shallots, strawberries, broad beans, microgreens, parsley and chives.

⚱️ Pots

The right sized pots for all your seeds to do their growing in from start-to-finish.

🥥 Compost

All the peat-free compost you'll need, made from coconut fibres that would otherwise get thrown away.

📋 Instruction Guides

The growing guides in our boxes are really clear and detailed - a bit different to the back of your usual seed bag. Plus we do lots of how-to vids on our Insta too.

☎️ WhatsApp Support

This is where we really make the difference. We have personal WhatsApp support on The Potline. You can drop us a message anytime with questions about your pots and Tom, our Gang Manager, will do all he can to help you grow successfully.

They're not gimmicky little growing kits. They'll give you a proper return of grub.


👀 Can anyone do it?

If you're a beginner or someone who just wants a hand growing, we got you.

The whole point of our boxes and support is to make growing veg and herbs possible for anyone. If it's something you fancy trying, we're here to make it happen.

You do need some outdoor space though, either a patio, balcony or garden. If you haven't got any, hold tight, we got big plans for full indoor growing in the pipeline.

🌱 Can I choose my own seeds?

Whilst we're still pretty small, we have to do the choosing. We send out seeds based on what's best to grow at what time of year, what grows easily, what tastes amazing/interesting, and what gives a solid return. In the future, when we're a bit bigger, we'd love to give you a bit more power to choose.

In the meantime, we're still vvv keen to hear what you want to grow and how we can improve our boxes, so please drop us an email at with any suggestions.

🚚  How do deliveries work?

We're chuffed to say we've now got UK wide coverage, including the Channel Islands.

Once you make your first order, one of our drivers or the Royal Mail gang will jump in the potmobile and drop your box off in 2-3 working days. Then all your future boxes will come around that same time of the month. e.g. always around the 17th.

We'll let you know each time one's coming your way. If you're out, they'll always leave it in a safe spot or will try to redeliver when convenient for you.

♻️ How eco-friendly are the boxes?

Our compost is peat-free, meaning no bogland environments are drained in its production (which is what traditionally happens when making compost). This means less wildlife habitats are disrupted and less CO2 is re-relased into the atmosphere.

The compost's actually made from repurposed coconut shells, which are a by-product of the coconut water industry. We add nutrients to them and they're spot on for growing in.

The compost's also veganorganic and carbon-neutral.

Plus we have a pot re-use scheme, where you can switch to our 'no pots' box (which contains seeds, compost and guides) and re-use pots from your previous boxes.

We also use Royal Mail for our deliveries, who have the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel of any major UK delivery company.

🎯 How flexible's the subscription?

Completely flexible. If life changes up, you can:
- skip deliveries
- change order dates
- change to every 1 month or every 2
- gift your next box to someone else

So if you're off holiday or don't fancy a certain month, just skip it. Or if you're away and do fancy it, just change your order date.

You can also change the frequency between every 1 month and every 2. Pots getting on top of you? Reduce frequency. Can't get enough? Increase it.

❌ Can I cancel anytime?

Course. Just make sure to cancel before we send out your next box.

Just log in to your account and you can cancel there. If you haven't set an account up, create one with your email address and it'll automatically sync with your subscription.

Or drop us an email at and we'll sort it for you.

We've helped over 50,000 people grow so far.


Nothing like cheffing up something you've grown.


🏠 How much space do I need?

You need a small amount of indoor and outdoor space that gets some light.

By indoor space, we mean windowsills or surfaces near glass, and by outdoor space, we mean patios and balconies. They'd ideally be getting 6-8 hours of light a day.

If you've got a patio or big balcony, we reckon you're best off selecting 'every 1 month' on our deliveries. If you've got a small balcony, you're probably better off selecting 'every 2 or 3 months'. Otherwise things might get a bit jam packed. Some people like that though, so up to you.

If you haven't got any outdoor space, some people do like to keep all their pots on the windowsill. It's up to you. As long as they get direct sunlight, they can grow.

🌶️ What seeds are coming up?

We work with UK weather conditions, not against them. Everything you'll grow is 100% seasonal.

In spring it's things like tomatoes, chillies, cucumbers, cucamelons, basil, coriander and mint.

In summer it's potatoes, spring onions, carrots, lettuce, french beans, radishes and salads.

In autumn it's spinach, spring onions, pak choi, peas, rocket, chard and cress.

In winter it's garlic, shallots, strawberries, broad beans, microgreens, parsley and chives.

☔ Are greenhouses necessary?

No - but they can help. If your outdoor space is cold and windy, then our greenhouses can give extra protection and warmth which leads to bigger harvests.

We don't use one ourselves as our balcony's pretty sunny and sheltered.

They do also help protect from birds, squirrels and any other cheeky buggers that try munching your pots.

🙃 How big's the gang?

We're chuffed to say we've got over 50,000 people across the UK growing veg since August 2020, with hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google.

We feel blessed with every order that comes in and are mega determined to keep spreading the benefits of growing to as many people as poss.

🍟 Favourite crisps?

Tyrell's Veg Crisps. Obvs.

Or Pringles Sour Cream and Chive.

Here are a few lovely gang members:


I’ve had 3 deliveries from Pot Gang so far and I’m totally hooked.

There is something so deeply satisfying about growing plants and seeing them pop up & flourish over the weeks. I also love the characters created for each herb/ veggie friend and the instructions for each one couldn’t be clearer!

Am I obsessed? A little. Is the first thing I show guests when they come over my new plant growing area? Absolutely, and what? 10/10 would recommend to a friend, keep it up #POTGANG


At the ripe old age of 70 and following retirement I decided to take up gardening. My gardening experience before was non existent.

The first year saw minor successes and many failures. I needed expert guidance.

Since joining Pot Gang in January I have thoroughly enjoyed following all the clear instructions. It has been a delight to see the plants grow.

I love all the names, Trevor, Gabriella, Carlos et al. I use them all the time instead of technical terms. Thank you Pot Gang, I am a fan.


I would just like to say a massive 'well done' on your creativity with this product. For a non gardener like myself everything is so straight forward and fun!

We originally used the boxes as an afterschool club but we have decided that it works better if we meet in the school holidays as it means we can eat together (always popular) and then start planting at the same time. 5 families come, we eat, prep the soil and pots and then plant. The families then take their pots home to grow.

It's been really fun!


I absolutely love Pot Gang, ever since signing up after seeing a post by another subscriber on my socials. It has genuinely got me into gardening in a way that decades of living with a passionate gardening dad did not!

The real reason it's such a winning scheme, I think, is the simplicity of the instructions and the pride and achievement you get to feel in seeing the plants grow at close quarters 🤩 It's mindfulness meets sustainability in such a great way.

Can't praise it highly enough - if I had to choose between this and Netflix, Pot Gang all the way.