Terms & Conditions

1. Our boxes are £20.99 each, including delivery. However, they're discounted if you purchase them as a 'pre-paid' subscription. There are also paid express delivery options available too.

2. If you want to make any changes to your deliveries, give us a shout at sam@potgang.co.uk or follow the 'create account' instructions in your welcome email.

3. We're keen to reduce environmental waste by predicting how much stock we need, so we can only guarantee changes to deliveries if they’re requested 1 week before the delivery date. 

4. By joining Pot Gang, you understand that we offer a monthly delivery service. If you ever want to skip a delivery or cancel, you must get in touch with us at least 1 week before your next delivery is due.

5. If you do want to cancel your deliveries, just drop us an email and we’ll get it sorted. Or 'create an account' on our website - use your email and it'll sync with your subscription - you can manage everything in there. Pre-paid subscriptions can be cancelled but can't be refunded.

6. If you ever have a problem or a question, please get in touch via email (sam@potgang.co.uk) and we’ll do our best to help you.​

7. We really want our customers to have a top experience. Growing veg and herbs can be rewarding, therapeutic, healthy and environmentally friendly - to name a few. If your experience isn’t a happy one, please get in touch and we’ll try to make it better.

8. We try to make growing fruit, veg and herb from seed as straightforward as possible, with simple guides, how-to videos and well-thought through seeds, compost and pot selection. That being said, some things are out of our control, like unexpected weather and the way people follow our instructions. Because of that, we’re not responsible for the ultimate success of our customers’ veg and herb growing.

9. After we drop each box off to you, we're not responsible for anything that happens involving its contents.

10. Pot Gang payments are taken when you make your first order, then repeat on the same day of each month that you receive a box.

11. We’ve got discount codes available for the first month’s box, but they're only for new customers. Each delivery address can only use a discount code once - and we reserve the right to close your account if you try to take the mick.

12. Our deliveries come through a mixture of our own drivers and Royal Mail - it depends on the delivery location and how busy we are. Your box should arrive 2-3 working days after you place your first order, then on that same day each month.

13. Please be kind to us – we’re only just getting up and running.

14. Please don’t copy any of our materials without our permission.

15. We promise to look after your data in line with data protection rules. Take a look at our Privacy Policy if you’re dying to know more.

Company No: 12685761

Registered address: 3 Faraday House, Aurora Gardens, London, SW11 8ED