Sam's Sriracha Mayo

My brother practically drinks this stuff. Whack it on chips, dip carrots in it, spread it on sarnies. Lush.

From the Pot 

Basket of Fire Chilli




5 cups filtered water
2tsp sea salt
20 chillies, sliced with seeds removed
4-6 garlic cloves, cut into quarters
2 shallots, sliced
6 figs, quartered
2 sprigs of mint 
2 egg yolks
1tbsp Dijon mustard
250ml sunflower oil
2tsp white wine vinegar or lemon juice

Step 1

Heat the water and stir the sea salt into the warm water until dissolved.

Step 2

Layer all the ingredients into a jar and pour the saltwater in. Place in a cool dark spot for 7-14 days until fermented. You’ll know the jar is fermenting if you tap the jar and bubbles rise to the surface. 

Step 3

Once fermented, strain the brine and put to one side. Blend the rest of the ingredients. 

Step 4

Now make the mayonnaise. Whisk the egg yolks, mustard, salt and pepper until combined. Whilst whisking, add small drops of oil until the yolks and oil combine and start to thicken. Be patient with adding the oil bit by bit as you don’t want the mayonnaise to split.

Step 5 

Once the oil and eggs are combined to a thick consistency, whisk in the vinegar/lemon juice. 

Step 6

Now combine the fermented ingredients with the mayonnaise and mix. Season to taste. If the mixture is too thick add small amounts of the brine. 

Step 7

Place in a bottle and store in the fridge. We’re addicted to this stuff - have it on pretty much everything, my faves are chips, burgers and eggs! 

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